Onsite Training And Workshop

Through our Onsite Training services, AIWTP can bring our industry-leading instructors, proven training materials, and indispensable hands-on training devices directly to you. You get customized solutions that are highly convenient, cost effective, and flexible-and specially designed to help you improve your productivity and efficiency and avoid unscheduled downtime.

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Onsite Training leverages the in-depth knowledge and vast experience of more than 100 subject matter experts across a wide variety of technical fields, including:

  • Petro-Chemical
  • Energy
  • Utility
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pulp/Paper
  • Food/Beverage
  • Military/Defense
  • Manufacturing


aiwtp continues to build upon its proven track record of identifying each organization’s specific training needs and working with leading content experts to deliver rapid, customized solutions. Our professional development consultants are acutely aware of the industry’s critical workforce challenges and are uniquely capable of understanding and addressing specialized concerns. They collaborate with organizations to identify their most urgent needs and leverage AIWTP’s vast resources and experience to develop the timely and reliable solutions that will work best for each company. Our internationally recognized training solutions will enable your organization to:

  • Increase productivity of your most valuable asset-your employees
  • Reduce turnover of your most qualified, valuable, and skilled employees
  • Boost your employee retention program
  • Implement a cost-effective program for rapid knowledge and skills development for new employees
  • Minimize system downtime by providing your employees with familiarity of fundamental theories-the “why’s” and “how’s”- behind what they do
  • Reduce dependence on outside vendors
  • Minimize the impact of the knowledge gap as new hires start and seasoned workers retire
  • Increase cross-training activities to enhance and diversify the skills of your workforce
  • Establish measurable, common skill levels for employees
  • Provide certification documentation
  • Implement a pay-for-skills program or defined career path development program
  • Establish well-defined promotion and hiring criteria

Our Process

Needs Assessment

Our solutions development process consists of three vital components:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Customized Training
  • Ongoing Testing


Each component of the AIWTP process feeds into the next, and revolves to form a continuous loop to help us improve our performance. This full-circle approach enables AIWTP to satisfy its customers’ short- and long-term training goals while pinpointing opportunities for improving customer value and enhancing program results.

Needs Assessment

Our expert training program begins with a Needs Assessment, the essential first step in learning about a company’s specific training issues, challenges and goals. The process includes interviews with and testing of employees, administered by one of our prominent subject matter experts. After AIWTP gains a deeper understanding of a company’s goals and employees’ current skills levels, we identify the gaps that exist between the two, and partner with company leaders to develop a master plan, or road map, to help close the gaps. Using the road map as a guide, AIWTP works with our subject matter experts, our partners, and our resources to create a custom program to meet the company’s identified needs and requirements.


Once skills/knowledge levels are assessed, AIWTP can recommend targeted, individualized learning plans; and work with customers to schedule training for employees with as little interruption to operations as possible. Where needed, AIWTP instructors can work with your leadership to develop custom courses to meet your team’s exact goals and circumstances. And, limiting the size of AIWTP classes to smaller groups enables a better student/instructor ratio, with more one-on-one interaction, and a more-focused learning environment.


Before and after employees attend AIWTP’s Onsite Training courses, AIWTP tests their knowledge levels. We use the pre-test to determine their baseline understanding and competency, and highlight areas needing the most improvement. Post-training evaluations, completed by employees and made available after every AIWTP training course, assess the students’ understanding and knowledge. Testing also encourages valuable feedback that can benefit continuous program improvement. In addition to testing on knowledge and skills learned during the individualized learning plans, AIWTP can also bring certification exams to your location.

Once we gather input and results from the post-test, AIWTP begins the process over again, when needed. We continue to measure trainee knowledge and skills as we examine how our overall training processes can be improved.