Industrial Automation

There is an urgent need for organizations to collect data for analysis from field devices and systems as competitive pressures grow. Organizations are looking for operational excellence, increased productivity and regulatory compliance, optimal asset utilization, reduction in downtime and safety-related incidents. Analysis of data collected and insights from these field devices when displayed across multi screens help businesses get a competitive edge.

Details on Services

IAC enables integration of real-time (plant and operations) data with enterprise level business data to help arrive at accurate decisions. Our IAC solutions leverage a Real Time Data Convergence for Multiscreen Displays (RTDCMD) model to provide stakeholders with access to customized visualization of secure data and analysis on different screens, including hand-held devices. This helps reduce data pollution with a concurrent increase in data consistency, thus increasing the reliability, speed and efficiency of data usage.

Our services include remote monitoring of assets such as equipment, machines, fleets, etc. and automate event alerts to optimize use of assets and improve HSE.

Integrated operations help in sourcing material and bringing the end-product nearer to the consumer, thereby reducing logistics and warehousing costs.

Enhanced remote condition monitoring and control of equipment, assets, sensors and processes optimize energy usage.

Real-time data and remote tracking enable better mobile workforce management, implement better maintenance processes and enhance security, leading to operational excellence.

Our services include:

  • Global/local rollout/implementation of Supervisory Controls (SCADA), PLC, DCS, Historian, LIMS, MES and Digital Manufacturing Operations management (DMOM)
  • Consultancy for Energy Saving via VFDs and Smart Meters
  • Predictive, Proactive and Remote Maintenance Management
  • Instrumentation including Communication Protocols and Networking
  • Analytics based on Historian implementation
  • Visualization through intelligent and end-user friendly HMI, GUI etc.
  • Real-time embedded and application Software Design and Development for products, product testing, prototyping, customizing and product support