About Us

Academy of Industrial Workshop and Training Programs is setting up milestone in the leading edges of perfection towards practical scenario in education as well as guiding professionals. Dealing with different companies & institutions through education, workshops and seminars we are providing platform where sharing of resources & knowledge. The academy is joint venture of intelligence and prominent education which emphases on effective and fast learning in the field of technical education.

AIWTP provides support to deep researches through technical conferences and technology meet. We increase suitability for keen learners by giving multiple type of platform so as to fetch maximum output .In spite of various programs we are also putting importance on current innovation and new technologies to increase ability for scholars. We accelerate the education to a higher pitch by providing onsite training; job orientation is our leading feature with great asset of highly qualified trainers and availability of various tools, content of domain.

Nevertheless having interaction with a lot of technical authorities, we are ahead in order to deliver prominent facilities to our members, associate and keen followers, holding a bond to suggest them right track and guided knowledge whenever they require and in a feasible manner. AIWTP solutes the basic as well as most of the common technicality issues which a normal scholar face in educational and practical environment. We think that a carrier is much more costly than anything in the world.

We are filling gaps among scholars and professionals, after all achievements and wisdom are the things what AIWTP is originated for……….